Kyle Vondra

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I like to make computer graphics, software, and backend architecture

📜 About Me

Howdy! I'm Kyle, and I'm a software engineer based in the Sunnyvale, CA area. I'm a software engineer working at Deloitte doing SRE work at a popular social media company, and I specialize in backend web architecture and microservice development. I have experience with technology like Go, Python, and C++, as well as their related ecosystems.

I got my Bachelors of Science in Game Design Engineering in 2021 from the University of Silicon Valley, where I concentrated on computer graphics. Some highlights of my past experiences include working with Crown and NASA to build tools for engineers, building a startup that develops a platform for esports players to connect and network, and participating in many game jams.

When I'm not programming though, you can catch me weightlifting, hiking some of the nearby trails, or eating some great local food (especially pho). I enjoy video editing on the side when I can get around to it, and have a knack for martial arts and language learning (currently learning Spanish!).

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“Always do what you are afraid to do.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

⚙ Work History

Software Engineer


January 2022 - Present

Site Reliability Engineer working on mid-platform development for a large social media company.

  • Help develop and expand backend US infrastructure and growth
  • Write scripts that work with backend APIs in Go to automate tasks
  • Build and maintain highly-scalable, efficient and robust trust and safety platforms and tools
  • Improve system design and architecture to ensure high stability and performance of the services across global multi-DC
  • Manage operations of data service, realtime/batch data pipelines, such as SLA management, system deployment, performance tuning on-call and trouble shooting
  • Perform lifecycle management of production systems including change management, service deployment, operations and emergency response
  • Provide strong support during big events to ensure the system is capable to consume large volume of Internet traffic

NASA Software Engineer Intern

Crown Consulting, Inc.

Mar 2021 - August 2021

Software Engineer Intern working in a team using industry-standard web application tech stacks, such as ReactJS, JavaScript, Python, Pandas, PyMySQL, SQL, MySQL, AWS DynamoDB, MySQL Workbench, Git, and Jira

  • Develop interactive web app features
  • Written SQL and Python scripts to migrate, edit, and manage backend data in MySQL tables and AWS DynamoDB databases
  • Designed UI

Code Tutor


Mar 2019 - Present

Help junior high and high school students for a code school franchise, learn to code to improve their course outcomes. Work in areas such as programming concepts and fundamentals, good practices, language-specific ideas, computational theory and debugging code.

  • Teach languages such as Python, Java, C#, C++, HTML/CSS, and Javascript, as well as teach technology such as Unity.
  • Work closely with parents to ensure objectives are met.
  • Collaborate with and help other tutors to resolve individual and shared challenge

Founding Developer


Mar 2020 - Jul 2020

Developer and founding member of a startup. Using industry-standard web development technology, I help design, develop, and deploy a web service. Utilized problem solving skills to use with using new ways and new types of technology.

  • Utilized Python, Django, PostgreSQL, GCP, Git, and others to develop a web platform
  • Participated in the development of a business plan
  • Help develop timelines, schedules, and presentations of the project
  • Debug and deploy project to production

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